Welcome to Pipes Down Under, LLC

PIPES DOWN UNDER, LLC is an innovative company that offers patented pipe repair kit systems to customers worldwide. Our products are designed to fix leaking or cracked piping that is inaccessible without requiring intrusive excavation. For more than 10 years, we have provided installations and repairs for a wide range of construction projects based on products that our experts have developed through intensive research and development.

Your Source for Patented Domestic & International Pipe Repairs

We currently hold 14 domestic and international patents for pipe repairs, which means that you can depend on our products for unique quality and one-of-a-kind durability. Our pipe liners and systems help prevent hazardous materials such as oil from leaking out of your piping and into the adjacent ground water eco-systems. Our system also prevents intrusion of water into conduits feeding electrical and communication wiring for private, commercial and industrial properties that depend upon these lines for their operations.

Our Pipe Installers Work with a Wide Range of Materials

Around the world, our crew of professional pipe installers has provided repairs for more than 1,000 pipe systems made of a wide range of materials, including concrete, steel, copper, iron, rigid PVC, HDPE ("black poly"), and white flex pipe. Our liners can be used to protect a variety of items, including commercial roof leaders, waste and drainage systems, solar power heat transfer, municipal and baptismal fountains, swimming pools, spas, fish ponds, and many other systems.

Underground Piping Repair Solutions from the Experts

We provide many kit systems of underground pipe repairs that you may require in order to keep your existing pipes leak free. The use of our liner systems also ensures that water will not intrude inside an existing electrical conduit in the event that the water level ever rises or the conduit is already submerged.

Many commercial companies rely on the use of computers and electrical lines to perform their daily production, so it’s necessary for their systems to be protected from intrusive water leaks to prevent shorts or static in communication lines. Our liners serve as the new piping inside the existing pipe to keep the contents safe from any potential damage that may occur in the event of a disaster or unprecedented accident.

100 Foot Liners now available

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