Our Innovative Tool Kit System

System Installer KitEach tool kit system provided by PIPES DOWN UNDER, LLC includes all of the necessary tools for every type of pipe repair. The installer kit also contains a variety of our patented tools, including an air assembly gauge and installer’s pig assembly. The cost for these tools will be deducted from the tool kit system’s total price due your previous purchase.

Learn More about Our Optional Installation Tools

Optional installation tools are also available for only $489. Each of these PDU tools is available to be purchased separately, as well. Our innovative pricing system and installation methods allow you to be competitive with all of your conventional (digging) repairs, and each of our systems will also increase your “bottom line” net profits.

Finding the Right PDU Tools for the Job

The bid pricing process begins with introducing you to our installation system and line item pricing methods. When you decide to move forward with our company, we will provide further assistance with liner diameter and length for your job depending on the PDU tools that you need.

Additional Installer Tool Kit System Options

If you’re interested in learning how to make a poly-bag pig simply follow these instructions:

  • Make sure that you have enough line to exit from the existing pipe, and then determine the size of the pipe.
  • Insert two peanuts for a 5-inch ID black-poly (HDPE) pipe, three peanuts for a 1.5-inch ID PVC or flex pipe, or four peanuts for a 2-inch ID PVC or flex pipe into a zip lock sandwich bag.
  • Squeeze a majority of the air out of the bag, twist the neck, and tie the nylon cord at the twist.

Remember that the liner length necessary to repair the existing pipe must be at least one to two feet longer than the pipe that is being repaired. That way, both ends of the pipe can be sealed after you cut off the liner head and tail sections. The pig assembly is also used for the transportation of the attached ‘liner head’ tag line through the current pipe to install the liner into place.

Contact us when you need a patented tool kit system. We provide installation assistance and affordable prices for all of our products and services.