Installer Warranties for Products & Parts

Due to customer service concerns, we are only able to provide a warranty on product parts and materials that are completely free of defects. Please be sure to inspect all of your parts before receiving a shipment.

Installer Terms & Conditions

1I – C – Installer Terms and Conditions
PIPES DOWN UNDER, LLC, otherwise known as PDU in the statement warranties liners, associated parts, and resin supplied by PDU, that is defective as to quality or condition, other than the result of incorrect handling, installation, or storage of the product by the customer. PDU undertakes title for goods FOB (USA – Wisconsin) shipping point. Customer shall immediately upon receiving delivery, thoroughly inspect the product and report any damage or shortage claims to the shipping carrier. Customer undertakes to indemnify PDU against and hold harmless from any costs or damages and any other loss or expense suffered or incurred by customer in any action brought against customer based on the failure in use of any PDU products due to, including but not limited to, improper use or installation of the products or equipment. Customer acknowledges any liner certifications, specifications, or performances stated are based on utilizing PDU products. PDU products must be installed by a competent installer. PDU products help maintain and extend the life of existing pipes or conduits. PDU products must only be used in an existing approved and certified pipe or conduit which meets the standards or specifications in which it is intended to be used. Failure to do this may jeopardize the pipe or conduit’s performance and safety. PIPES DOWN UNDER is a registered trademark of PIPES DOWN UNDER, LLC. Equipment is covered by manufacturer’s warranty only. Payment terms: all deposits are non-refundable. Buyer agrees to pay the total amount as set forth on this sales order/invoice. Buyer shall assume, in addition to the purchase price, all taxes and duties now or hereafter imposed or eligible on this contract or the goods therein mentioned shall be borne by the buyer and charged to the buyer. Total payments shown on the sales order shall be due and paid upon receipt of above said order. All unpaid delinquent balances will be assessed a late fee charge of 18% per month, and will continue to accrue each month on unpaid balances until paid in full. Buyer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and all other costs or expenses that may be incurred by seller in the enforcement of this contract, along with any associated hardship in any form whatsoever placed upon PIPES DOWN UNDER, LLC. Make all checks payable to [Your Company Name Here].

Learn More about Our Installer Domestic & International Shipping

For Domestic and International orders for installers or dealers: Please provide a credit card down payment or wire transfer to our bank in advance. The purchasing installer or company will make any necessary payments for wire transaction fees, exchange rates to U.S. currency, and any other fees such as shipping, VAT, and duty tax. International shipping payments will be made through “Ex Works.” For U.S. and Canadian installers, payments can be made through credit cards and/or checks. We honor Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards. In the event that any more effective shipping methods are necessary, we will gladly discuss options for subsequent orders.

Reach out to us if you have any questions about our terms and conditions. We help you understand more about the discounts and warranties that we provide.