Professional Installers for Your System

Over the last eight years, PIPES DOWN UNDER, LLC has successfully installed more than 1,000 of our patented kit systems in domestic and international locations, with only two systems malfunctioning along the way (and quickly fixed) as a result of defective manufacturing. Installation is simple with our step-by-step instruction manual and accompanying checklist. We also provide free technical support for your initial and subsequent installations in the event that our assistance is required.

A Track Record that You Can Depend On

Our crew of professional installers around the globe has provided repairs for more than 1,000 pipes in a wide range of styles and materials, including steel, copper, iron, rigid PVC, HDPE (“black poly”), and white flex pipe. We have worked with commercial roof leaders, municipal fountains, swimming pools, commercial and private whirlpools, baptismal pools, and fishponds without intruding upon the fish habitat.

Since our prototype liners were installed more than 10 years ago, they have continued to operate without any problems. Our liners and systems not only repair pipes for water, chemical, and petroleum applications, but also prevent the intrusion of water into commercial and industrial pipes for telephone lines, computers, and electrical conduits.

Territories, Franchises & Initial Inventory

When you work with us, there are no territories, franchises, or initial inventory required for purchase, which means that there are no upfront startup or monthly fees. You never have to buy a specific minimum amount of initial inventory to qualify, either. We believe that such mandatory methods are counterproductive when it comes to running a business, and we understand that none of our clients want to spend a great deal of money before ever receiving any profits.

Save More with Our Kit Systems

We do not expect you to purchase any additional liners, termination kits systems, or any other unnecessary tools. Your inventory is already the size that you need it to be, with no minimum monthly inventory necessary to be purchased from a franchiser or other company. Such companies may demand a large sum of inventory that benefits them but may never be put into use in your country. This unwanted inventory takes up extra space and money that could be used for a more profitable venture. In such a case, you would likely have to pay an initial fee depending upon the size of the population in your territory. These fees could potentially cost thousands of dollars, so we ensure that we never charge franchise fees.

Profits vs. Conventional Digging Repairs

All of our repairs are comprised of using only two installers, a wet/dry shop vacuum, and a small compressor that holds three gallons (or more) with an additional pressure-regulated output pressure gauge. Our repair system is capable of fixing areas that are inaccessible to conventional machinery, so the fees and personnel required for the maintenance, storage, rental and transportation of such machines are no longer a factor. In the event that you already own such machinery, then they may be of further assistance when it comes to additional non-trenchless repairs, like the construction of a new pool. That way, you’ll be able to diversify your profits and ultimately increase them over time.

Time Plus Labor Equals Money

Depending on the extent of the circumstances, the installation time of each trenchless system ranges anywhere from 20 minutes to an entire day. Repair time is still considerably shorter than it would be for a conventional repair, which requires additional time, manpower, and machinery that significantly narrow your profit margins.

Other Advantages When Using Our Liner Systems

After the liner has been installed, it essentially becomes the new pipe, with the current pipe serving as an “exoskeleton” that protects the previous liner. Your liner will not be affected even in the event that your existing pipe (the new exoskeleton) continues to suffer further cracking as a result of earth tremors, extreme differences in temperature, the shifting of the ground below, or even vibrations from traffic. During thorough preliminary testing, the liner was frozen solid and then heated, but demonstrated no negative effects. It is also capable of withstanding a total vacuum, as well as a positive pressure of 30 plus psi. The liner is constructed of Santoprene TPR (thermoplastic rubber), which can endure a 3% hypochlorite solution pool shock for more than 40 years. The epoxy and liner also feature NSF/ANSI-61 ratings, with water levels that have been approved for drinking and that also meet pool code.

When placed into the existing pipe, our liners save BTU (thermal energy), which prevents the exchange of heat between the pool water and any nearby ground, which qualifies it as a “green” repair. We also provide underwater repairs using an underwater-applied 2-part epoxy at no extra charge. The anaerobic non-sag, two-part epoxy is typically sent along with the termination kit, which seals each end of the repaired pipe in non-underwater conditions. Each liner is sold in 10’ (3mtrs), 15’ (4.6mtrs), 25’ (7.6mtrs), 35’ (10.7mtrs), 40’ (12.2mtrs), 50 (15mtrs) and longer increments of differently sized I.Ds, which range from 1.0” (25mm) to 5.5” (140mm). All of these liners can be combined for longer lengths by using an extension, which makes the process very cost-effective.

Determining How Much You Should Charge Your Customers

Certified installers generally charge a fraction of the normal cost that a customer would pay for a conventional repair, which also includes the total cost for the liner system used. Additional charges may apply, including fees for labor, transportation to and from the jobsite, shipping, VAT, duty, wiring, and currency exchange, where applicable.

The Benefits of Installing with Us

Each of our 14 domestic and international patents and copyrighted materials are made to protect you. We are currently performing research and development for new repairs to electrical, communication (telephone and fiber optic lines), water mains, sewer (foul-line repair) drainage, HAZMAT, and industrial (oil and chemical lines) piping systems. As an installer, you will have the ability to install each of these specific liners, as long as you still meet all of the necessary license requirements for your country, state, county, or local municipality.

You may also have a licensed worker, such as a certified plumber or installer, provide assistance for legal purposes. After you have completed an installation of our liner system, your company information and geographical location will be entered in our installer database. We will then forward you the necessary customer information via e-mail at no additional charge.

Find the right installers by reaching out to us. We gladly serve residential and commercial clients across the country.