Determining the Right Choice for Pipe Liner Installation

If you happen to be repairing a 24-foot-long 1.5″ rigid schedule 40 or flex pipe with two or less elbows, then you will need to use a 25’ x 1.125” I.D. liner and a 1.5 Rigid or Flex-1.125″ liner termination kit. The total cost for the liner, termination kit, and air pressure assembly with free shipping and handling comes to $575. If you need a 1.5” ID black-poly (HDPE) pipe that has a maximum of two elbows, then you will have to use a 1.0” ID liner to comply with internal barbed fitting I.D. size limitations. For a 2.0” ID rigid or a flex existing pipe, you will need to use a 1.50” I.D. liner.
Remember that amount of fittings within the existing pipe that needs to be repaired may restrict the liner ID size for that repair. You will also need a liner length that measures at least one to two feet longer than the length of the existing pipe that is being repaired. Every kit system comes independently and includes the termination kit that seals both ends of one existing pipe, one liner to repair one independent existing pipe, and one air pressure assembly, a tool for subsequent multiple pipe repairs. The air assembly also acts as a pressure tester tool to identify future pipe leaks.

How To Order

Use our Homeowner Kit System Pricing Flow Chart to determine your requirements. This flow chart is available when you hit the following tab named “Click here to view pricing Flow Chart and Ordering Details”.  At the bottom of the flow chart, you will see an example of the Kit Code. Below that example there are blank boxes for you to enter your chosen Kit Code for your pipe repair. Write this out on a piece of paper.

Then choose the kit system item # in Red that matches your code. Write that item # below your chosen Kit Code. Don’t forget the liner length needed and pricing as shown in the Example Item # number.

On the Home page, press the “Contact” tab.  Fill on your information along with the codes in the General question box. Hit the tab “Send”. If you get an error, send contact and code information to Our Sales support will reply to you by Internet and contact you via phone to verify and process your order.


Reach out to us to decide the right choice for your installation. Our company serves clients across the country.