Complete Technical Information for Homeowners

When you need assistance in deciding the right option for your pipe repair needs, look no further than the professionals at PIPES DOWN UNDER, LLC. We have included a cost example below that is based on consumer pricing to give you an idea of the financial aspects involved with your repair. In the event that your pool company performs the installation of our product, we will provide an installer pricing to make the process more convenient.

Installation is simple to perform when you follow the step-by-step procedures reflected in our free, downloadable instruction manual and accompanying step-by-step checklist. Our company also provides free technical support solutions for your initial and subsequent installations in the event that you require any additional assistance.

Our Proven Track Record Speaks for Us

Our staff of international installation experts provides repairs for a variety of piping materials ranging from steel, copper, and iron to rigid PVC, HDPE (“black poly”), and white flex pipe. All of our liners are capable of protecting roof leaders, swimming pools, fountains, whirlpools and Jacuzzis, fish ponds, and many other types of systems that require pipe repair.

Since being installed more than 10 years ago, our first prototype liners are still operating without any problems. Our patented piping repair kit systems have been successfully installed in more than 1,000 domestic and international systems, with only two failures occurring (and quickly fixed) as a result of manufacturing defects. In addition to providing repair piping for water, chemical, and petroleum applications, we prevent water intrusion in pipes used to house telephone, computer, and electrical lines.

Additional Advantages Provided by Our Liner Systems

Once the liner has been successfully installed, it serves as the new pipe with the previously existing pipe acting as an “exoskeleton” that protects the new liner. If the existing pipe suffers any further cracking as a result of earth tremors, extreme temperatures, or ground shifting, then the liner itself will not be affected. Following an extensive test in which a liner was frozen solid and heated, no negative effects were present. Our liners also withstand total vacuums and positive pressures of 30 plus psi. The liner itself is composed of Santoprene TPR (thermoplastic rubber) that is capable of enduring a solution of pool shock made of 3% hypochlorite for a span of more than 40 years.

Both the liner and the epoxy feature an NSF/ANSI-61 rating that is approved for human consumption of drinkable fluids and meets pool code, as well. Our liners also prevent the exchange of heat between pool water and the ground nearby by conserving BTU (thermal energy) when they are placed inside of the existing pipe. We provide underwater repairs for no additional charge with an anaerobic non-sag, two-part epoxy that is applied and cures underwater. This epoxy is usually included with termination kit that is designed to completely seal both ends of the repaired pipe in standard, non-underwater conditions. Each liner is available in 10’ (3mtrs), 15’ (4.6mtrs), 25’ (7.6mtrs), 35’ (10.7mtrs), 40’ (12.2mtrs) and 50’ (15mtrs) options, with I.Ds ranging in size from 1.0” (25mm) to 3.0” (76mm).

Improve your knowledge of our products by contacting us. We serve residential clients nationwide.