Keep Your System WORKING with Our Liner Kit Systems

When it comes to keeping your pipes and all of their contents fully protected, you can depend on our team of innovative experts at PIPES DOWN UNDER, LLC. Our patented liner kit systems and pipe repair systems are carefully constructed from industry-proven materials like Santoprene™ TPR (thermoplastic rubber), polyurethane and PVC. These engineered liners are highly flexible while also having a high vacuum rating. These liners are used for a variety of applications in which stable mechanical properties are necessary to be maintained under extreme temperatures ranging from -60˚F to 275˚F. They resist flex fatigue, UV, and ozone, as well as a majority of common chemicals and oils. Depending upon the system purchased; our liners fall within Industry Standards that include: ISO 9001, IAPMO, ANSI, ASTM, FDA, USDA, MSHA and RoHS. They also feature an NSF/ANSI 61 rating that allows it to be used for drinking water systems. U.S. Pool systems must be NSF/ANSI 61 rated to meet proper codes.
The rigid helix in our liners consist of one of the following. Spring steel wire, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC or ABS. This rigid helix imbedded in our liners prevent the possibility of collapse throughout the duration of the pump operation and also allows for pumping through 90˚ elbows. Its helix also enhances its integrity and reduces the amount of resistance provided during its insertion into any existing pipe systems. The imbedded rigid helix does not interfere with the smooth internal bore of our liners thus giving a superior flow rate.

Protect Your Pipes with Patented Liners

Our patented liners’ smooth interior surface bore ensures the minimal loss of friction and enables a more efficient flow. We have the capability to repair 1.5 to 6.0 inch I.D. piping, along with Black-Poly (HDPE), flex, rigid PVC, concrete and metal. Before our innovative breakthrough, black poly-pipe (HDPE) had never been repaired in trenchless operations.
Our Homeowner liner kit systems are available in a variety of lengths and I.D. sizes that are designed to meet their specific needs for your pipe systems. Each of these systems range in lengths from 10 to 50 feet for the repair of 1.5 and 2.0 inch I.D. pipe repairs.

All of our installers feature a significantly broader range of lengths and I.D. pipe repairs from 10ft up to a continuous 100ft lengths and I.D.s from 1.5 to 6″ I.D. pipe repairs. We also cater to special “odd job” applications which includes designing and prototyping from our engineering department. Our patented kit systems are not only made to repair leaking pipes to contain chlorinated water and other fluids, but they also prevent water from intruding into electrical lines or communication conduits, such as telephone and fiber optic cables. That way, you can be certain that your technology and equipment will be able to operate at their full potential without interference from external threats that would hinder their production and performance. Make us your choice for the continued protection of your pipe systems with service and products from one of the industry’s leading innovators.


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Be sure to contact us when you need proven liner kit systems. Protect your pipes with repairs from our proven techniques and innovative technology.