About Us

PIPES DOWN UNDER, LLC serves customers nationwide with inaccessible leaking or cracked piping by providing patented pipe repair kit systems that do not require excavation. Since 2006, we have utilized intensive research and development to pave the way for the production of 14 domestic and international patents.

Our repair solutions are designed for all ages, materials, diameters, and size specifications of pipe for both American standard and metric calibers. By working alongside other engineers and chemists to determine the chemical resistance compatibility, positive and negative pressures, wide temperature ranges, and liner lengths, we were able to arrive at the final design solution for our pipe repair product.

Four years after we began the process, the product was ready for production and sale. The first prototype pipe liners were installed over six years ago, and every liner that we have installed is still operating with no problems. Our new process enables underground pipe repair to be performed in a fraction of the time required to excavate and replace an existing pipe without disrupting its environmental surroundings. It also saves thousands of dollars in machinery costs, as well as time and labor costs. As part of our effort to remain ecologically conscious, we ensure that there is practically no carbon footprint with any of our products. Our liner serves as an energy saver and acts as an insulator by retaining heat or cold.

Since then, we have moved from Schaumburg, Illinois, to Racine, Wisconsin, to make room for our expanding business, which serves clients nationwide. We currently have close to 1,000 pipe repair kit systems installed throughout the world for the repair of commercial and private pools, fountains, commercial roof leaders, drainage systems, solar piping, and waterproofing for electrical and telephone conduits. These systems range from 10 to 200 feet in length, with inside diameters ranging from one to six inches. As part of our commitment to you, we continue working our hardest to constantly improve our products in order to further meet your needs.

Contact us with any questions about the service we provide to protect your pipes. Discover more about the history behind our company.